Callaghan College

Collaborating to Empower Learners

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Callaghan College was established on 28 June 2000 by the Minister for Education and Training.

Its original vision focused on the rapidly changing nature of the educational environment and the need to ensure that our students remained equipped with the flexibility and skills to succeed in a world characterised by innovation and change.

The College model transitioned three local public high schools, Waratah Technology High School, Wallsend High School and Jesmond High School into a multi-campus collegiate, with a senior campus site for Year 11 and 12 education, and two junior campuses providing education from Years 7 - 10. 

There has long been a clear intention for students to benefit through the new learning environment.  The College motto 'collaborating to empower learners' embeds the importance placed on the enriching dynamics of an interactive education collegiate.  

At the outset of its creation, Callaghan College established strong partnerships with its local primary schools, the University of Newcastle and the Hunter Institute of TAFE. The College is proud of these strong ongoing partnerships, and together we continue to focus on the provision of outstanding education and training opportunities for Callaghan students.

We also acknowledge that we have a deep local connection and Alumni. We celebrate this rich history at each campus respectively. To find out more, go to our campus sites.